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Notting Hill Sound Systems II by Brian David Stevens

£80.00 / Sold Out

Following on from the original (and long sold-out) Notting Hill Sound Systems box set, Tartaruga and Brian David Stevens have collaborated on a brand new set of screenprints.

'Notting Hill Sound Systems II' is a large format box set containing six prints, each in an edition of thirty. Each print is a two-colour screenprint featuring photography by Brian David Stevens of sound systems from the eponymous carnival. Prints measure 36cm x 25cm and come housed in a screenprinted box sized 45cm x 34cm.

The 'Regular' box comes with three pairs of images (six prints), secured in a custom screen-printed box with a signed certificate of authenticity, all in a numbered edition of thirty. All boxes come with the same sets of pairs from the series - each pair of images features a black-on-silver print and a further print on coloured backgrounds, The 'Regular' box contains the orange/yellow/red pairs (see pictures).

The 'Complete' box comes with all twelve prints, which includes all the prints from the 'Regular' box plus the additional three pairs (green/blue/purple pairs with accompanying silver prints).

The green/blue/purple pairs are available to buy as separate pairs of images.