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'Night Head' by Kim Thue

£20.00 / On Sale

'Night Head' is a limited edition print featuring the work of the renowned Danish photographer Kim Thue. Produced as a large (50 x 70cm) screenprint in an edition of fifty, the print is a finely detailed halftone on high quality archival paper, and all prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

‘Night Head’ is the first image to be released by Kim Thue from his new series ‘Caldera’ and the opening instalment of a wider collaboration with Tartaruga.

“Inspired in equal parts by the incomprehensible durability of nature and the premature death of a close family member, ‘Caldera’ is an open-ended project of intuitively selected images that speak to me in primal tongues devoid of clarity and narrative conventions. Here, like Stendhal once alluringly wrote: ‘conversation is made with mountains and fjords in an ancient language I had forgotten that I knew’.”
Kim Thue