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'My Sister, Boudicca' by Quinta

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My Sister Boudicca is a hypnotic collection of songs and sounds that bewitches the listener from beginning to end. Utilising all manner of instruments (and teasing sounds from a broad assortment of other objects) Quinta’s music dances through the imagination with astonishing dexterity.

From the driving piano of the opener - They Come, The Burning – the music at once ushers you in to the beguiling world that the album inhabits. The gentle rise and fall of the woodwind in Two Dead Birds coaxes nostalgic reveries from the narrative lyrics, whilst the words fall further to the background in Reading To Me in which a crackling voice emerges from the bowed-saw and string atmospherics as if letting the listener in on some forgotten secret.

Elsewhere, the playful lilt of Sunday’s Child gives way to the euphoric summer rush of In America, before the album comes to a close with the lingering beauty of At The Top Of Bear Hill.

Housed in a gatefold card sleeve, this release features a design by Quinta, silk-screen printed in Prussian blue and sewn together. The CD also contains two hand-made inserts.