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M' by Max Bondi

£5.00 / On Sale

M employs a vast array of sounds with such a tactile quality that at times it seems as if the room itself is being played. From the subtly bristling tension and atmospheric double bass notes of Morendo, to the urgent and pulsating rhythmic layers of Volante!, the album plays like a dream both half-forgotten and lived-in all at once. The album reaches critical mass in A Desperate Threnody, where woozy interwoven drones mixed with shimmering percussion seem to drive inexorably towards a violent climax that instead yields to a delicate and reflective piano motif, only to be submerged in a growing wash of static that leads into the fragmented coda of the album’s closer, Elenco.

Presented in the Tartaruga house style, (thick recycled cardboard gatefold sleeve), this release features a beautiful screen-printed design from Bruno Jones, in bright phthalo green. The CD comes with a two-colour screen-printed foldout insert, again featuring illustration from Bruno Jones, printed on high quality Pergamenata paper.