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'Lueur' by Bjarni Gunnarsson /// Pre-order


/// Pre-Order /// Record ships 26 November 2018 ///

Lueur consists of four electroacoustic compositions; the product of unfolding and unpredictable generative processes, spread across 38 minutes. This is music that follows its own logic, challenging and confounding the expectations of the listener.

An exploration of process as much as tone and texture, Gunnarsson guides the record through a series of ever-changing movements, interweaving dense low passages and abrupt changes of atmosphere and sound.

It is a record that rewards close and repeated listening.

Mastered by Erik Nyström, the record is housed in a custom sleeve, screenprinted in two-colours with procedurally-generated artwork by Luke Twyman. Variations of each layer are combined to make 16 unique sleeve designs, with a further screenprint on the inner sleeve/record.

The record is released in an edition of 200, and vinyl purchase comes with a download code.