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'I Can't See Much' by Josh Lustig

£40.00 / On Sale

'I Can't See Much' is a limited set of four screenprints, sold as a set and contained within a handmade card folder. The prints are taken from four photographs contained within The Marshes, the collaboration between writer Samuel Wright and photographer Josh Lustig.

This has been produced in a one-time edition of twelve, with three artist's proofs.
Custom-made folio case containing 4 prints
Folio case measures 610 x 420 mm
Each print measures 400 x 560 mm

Please note: this is a large item, and as such involves more work in packaging and posting than usual. The shipping options are UK Signed-For delivery, or regular international airmail, and all orders will be carefully and securely packed, but allow a day or two extra for posting.