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'Brighter Later' by Brian David Stevens

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As an island race we have always looked out; to find food from the sea, to find opportunity to trade, to find adventure, and to find ourselves. Brighter Later is a journey around the coastal counties of Britain. It is a portrait of the island, looking out rather than in.

As novelist Melissa Harrison writes in her essay included in the book:

"Brian David Stevens’ simple seascapes require a slowing-down, a recalibrating of our usual demand for information, drama and resolution. More than just requiring it, in fact, they induce it: each pair of images leads us quietly out of our everyday world and stands us on a British beach somewhere, shielding our eyes against all that reflected light, that surfeit of sky."

Brighter Later features 68pp of full colour photographs, together with text from Brian David Stevens and Melissa Harrison, with design and layout by Wayne Ford.