'Sourpuss' by Bleeding Heart Narrative // TTRDVD001

Sourpuss is a loose meditation on loss and memory, shot in a distinctive triptych style. Featuring stunning photography, spoken passages, and eerily captivating characters, the whole thing is bound together through a seamless and hypnotic soundtrack. A 22-minute long piece, in several movements and entirely instrumental, the soundtrack displays an extraordinary emotive musical approach that is instantly recognisable as Bleeding Heart Narrative.

The DVD-R is packaged in signature Tartaruga style, deluxe thick recycled cardboard gatefold sleeve, featuring a silk-screen printed design in red, and stitched together. Inside is a fold-out insert printed on thick brown paper, with all artwork designed by Bleeding Heart Narrative.


"Sourpuss distills the emotional essence of loss into jagged structural edges and a harmonic syntax that is just beyond reach, resulting in an assertive, disorientating musical landscape of orchestral aspiration."

Cyclic Defrost