About Us

Tartaruga is a small independent publisher, record label, and printing press, based in London. Our focus is on producing limited-run physical and tactile editions, across a spectrum of music, books and print. The emphasis throughout is on creating beautifully presented objects, incorporating hand-made elements, screen-printed covers and inserts, and always with a firm belief in artist-led artwork and design.

Tartaruga Records was established in 2008 as an outlet for hand-crafted releases of exploratory & experimental music. 

Tartaruga Press was established in 2013 to publish innovative work combining the best in contemporary photography, design, writing and printing. 

For information on our print services, please see the print information page. 

Throughout all of our work there is a strong emphasis on using sustainable materials and recycled packaging.


For any enquiries, please get in touch via email: info [at] tartaruga [dot] co [dot] uk